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Increase Stock Velocity: #1. Organising Vehicle Photography Sessions

Andre Ferreira

Every Dealer Manager now knows that speed to getting photos of their vehicles Online is one proven way to increasing stock velocity. 

But how do you make the most of your photography session? Here are 5 things to help you get more vehicles photographed at each session:

1. Be Prepared

Generally you will nominate employees or have a subcontracted photographer to visit dealership at a similar time, on the same day(s) each week. Get a list of vehicles requiring photography the day before your session, so you can make preparations ahead of time.
A few things you can do to prepare are:

  • Ask employees with drive vehicles to ensure these are tidy and easily located when the photographer arrives.
  • Locate vehicles on the lot, and if possible move them to an easy-to-maneuvre spot.
  • Arrange your detailing schedule so that vehicles are ready for your photography day(s).
  • Gather all keys required for vehicles on the listahead of time.

2.  Nominate an assistant

We understand that attending to customers visiting your showroom is your priority. Occasionally you may find that during a photography session, you become otherwise engaged. A great idea is to nominate a photography 2IC who helps out moving vehicles and doing spot detailing during each session. If the primary photographer or employee is called away to a customer, your 2IC takes over. Is there a detailer, service advisor, parts interpreter, sales person or administration staff member who can assist you with moving or locating vehicles?  Make sure your additional staff member(s) are trained in your photography session process and receives a copy of the photography list the day before.

3. Photograph vehicles in situ

Ideally, vehicles photograph better when you dedicate a position on your yard that is easy to get in and out of and doesn’t have a lot of clutter. However, if it comes down to no photographs of vehicles, take photos in situ (where the vehicles sit) if you become busy and cannot move them. 

4. Implement a wet weather plan

It is better to have a wet vehicle online than no photos at all. Scope out a good location on the premises – is there a service bay that is free indoors? Do you have a drive way that is partially under cover?

5. Be Flexible

Many Dealers, especially those who take their own vehicle photos, do multiple photo sessions each week. A steady routine of photography sessions help you stay on top of your Vehicles Missing Images list.

Some key questions:

What is your Vehicles Images Saturation rate? That is, how many vehicles in stock on average are missing images? If the adage is true that vehicles listed Online aren’t on the market until they have photos, then you will get more leads almost immediately if you are able to increase your vehicle images saturation rate. Set a target rate and make sure it happens.

How long does it take from the day you bring a vehicle into stock to publishing images Online?