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Sell More Vehicles More Quickly with Better Vehicle Comments

Andre Ferreira

Vehicle Comments is vital to generating enquiries, and is often still an under utilised opportunity to easily - and often dramatically - increase inventory turn and margins. 

To make your Vehicle Comments customer-friendly and easy to read, keep the following tips in mind:

Formatting Vehicle Comments

1. Add paragraph breaks

* Stringing multiple sentences together will make it more difficult for your customers to read your vehicle comments.

* If it's difficult for customers to read your vehicle comments, they are likely to miss key pieces of information about your vehicle that might be important to them in making their shortlist.

* You risk losing a share of your customers if it's not easy for them to read and understand your Vehicle Comments - bouncing off your Vehicle Details Page (VDP) on your Dealership or Classifieds websites.

Why take the chance when it's easily fixable? 

* Start by simply adding paragraph breaks into your Vehicle Comments.

* In your Digital Dealer Dashboard click the "View" button on a vehicle to edit its details.
* Click on the "pen" icon next to the Comments field. 
* Now you can add/edit your Vehicle Comments.
* To add a paragraph break, click the "Enter" button. Click it twice if you want to leave a space between paragraphs
* Make sure to click the "Save" button for your changes to take effect.

2. Remove funny looking characters 

* Occasionally you may see funny looking characters appearing in your Vehicle Comments.

* This reason for this is because the text that's been copied and pasted into the Vehicle Comments field is in Rich text (instead of Plain text).

* All you do to correct this is delete the funny character and retype it in the Vehicle Comments field of your Dashboard or DMS and click the "Save" button.

3. Do not use ALL CAPITAL letters

* ALL CAPS text is considered SHOUTING on the Internet. Shouting is a good way to turn people off wanting to interact with you.

* ALL CAPS is also more difficult for Customers to read. (People read lower-text words more easily, because of word recognition.)

* So if you want more Customer engagement, always write your Vehicle Comments in upper and lower-case text. 

3 Great Tips for writing Vehicle Comments

We know Vehicle Comments is one of the Key Ingredients to selling Cars Online.

Quality and Quantity of Words matter.

1. Build a Vehicle Comments Library

* Instead of  writing your Vehicle Comments each time from scratch, start a Word or Txt document to store all your commonly-used Vehicle Comments as a master file. 

* Then copy and paste your Vehicle Comments into your DMS or your Digital Dealer Dashboard and change only the words you need to to make it specific for each car. 

* It might take you a bit of time at the beginning to build up your Vehicle Comments in your Word document, but after a while you'll have a set of Comments for the most commonly held Vehicles you bring into stock.

* This will save you time adding Vehicle Comments for your stock and over time you can work on increasing the quality of the Comments you are consistently using to promote your Vehicles.

2. Quality and Consistency

* Work out what the key components should be for Your Dealership and Group's Vehicle Comments, and include these in your Word master document file.

* For example:

a. Start with introducing the Year, Make, Model and Colour of the vehicle (which may also assist you in improving your Search Engine Optimisation)

b. Write about the key features and specs of the vehicle.

c. Write about the key features and benefits of your Dealership and Group.

3. Getting Inspiration

* Three easy ways to get started on what you can write about a vehicle:

a. Do a Google Search for the Year, Make and Model and find some interesting and useful text snippets from vehicle reviews.

b. Do a Search on a Classifieds website for the Year, Make and Model and look at how some of the Private Sellers Vehicles have written their Comments.