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Digital Dealer is the only solution that delivers all the tools critical to your success online - tools which are available through one login to the industry's most intuitive digital marketing management system, Control Dashboard.







Franchise Dealers

More than a decade’s practice

In the rapidly changing Online environment, it is important to partner with a supplier who is committed to keeping up with technology, and providing independent, best practices solutions. 

Digital Dealer is that partner, and our track record is evidenced by many of our clients have been with us for more than a decade. We take pride in being known as a company that produces outstanding quality work and delivers on its promises.

Our products and services include the tools that franchise Dealers need to excel in today’s Digital marketplace.

Whether you require search engine optimisation, content management, online advertising, lead management, inventory marketing, or performance analytics, we understand the complexities involved in executing a successful Online strategy, especially in the Automotive industry. 


Dealer Groups

Manage multiple franchises more easily

The Digital Dealer team works closely with Dealer Groups to implement flexible solutions that meet the requirements of multiple manufacturers and importers as well as your brand’s unique needs.

Our platform is scalable to fit any Dealer Group configuration, and provides multiple options for content management, online advertising, lead management, inventory marketing, social marketing and performance analytics, including unparalleled aggregate reporting.

We have the knowledge, tools and experience, and understand the complexities involved in executing a successful group website strategies.

Independent Dealers

Powerful Internet marketing within budget 

Digital Dealer offers Independent Dealers the same powerful, full-featured platform that is available to the most successful Automotive Groups in Australia.

Our goal is to provide the best tools available to help the Independent Dealer increase sales while staying within their budget. 

We achieve this by producing our quality SEO-strong websites, and allowing the Independent Dealer the flexibility to choose only the additional features they need to run their business.

Designed to optimise Used vehicle stock, our Digital Dealer websites feature integration with lead provider sites such as Carsales, Trading Post, Gumtree and Carsguide as well as search engine optimisation, content management, online advertising, inventory marketing and performance analytics.

With Digital Dealer, the Independent Dealer can leverage the tools used by larger companies, within budget, to maximise ROI. 

Manufacturers & Vehicle Importers

A consistent Online experience supported by a reliable supplier

The Digital Dealer platform is flexible and scalable and allows you to streamline valuable manufacturer/importer resources.

We help to establish seamless, complementary relationships with Dealers that brings all parties a tremendous cost savings, greatly enhances brand efficiency, awareness and communication, and provides a consistent experience for the customer.  

Solutions include:

  • Scalable, integrated digital marketing solutions that are flexible and complementary to both the manufacturer/importer and the Dealer
  • Dedicated team fully trained on a manufacturer/importer program, structure and guidelines
  • Extensive analytics and reporting capabilities tailored to your specific needs
  • Fanatical Client Support though our experienced and professional team


Supporting strategic alliances between advertising agencies and Dealerships

Progressive advertising agencies realise digital marketing is becoming the most efficient and measurable medium, and are looking for an integrated tool capable of handling a myriad of online marketing campaigns, while tracking their effectiveness in a centralised location.

The Digital Dealer platform can manage Automotive online campaigns for everyone from a single-point Dealer to a full-service agency. 

Our platform allows agencies the creative license needed to maintain and improve a Dealer’s brand in the Digital marketplace. 

We work closely with Dealer and Agency clients to facilitate effective use of the platform to meet all stakeholders’ needs.